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Giant Ibis provides our passengers an affordable and convenient way to purchase the tickets. We have five (5) assigned places for purchasing the Giant Ibis ticket:

  • Tickets are available at Giant Ibis Ticket Center. We have two Ticketing Centers and our ticketing agents are ready to help you on purchasing tickets for travel in advance or for next available bus. Giant Ibis accepts Cash only.
  • Tickets are available at Giant Ibis agencies and it is available at hundreds of travel agents throughout nationwide. These travel agents accept cash only.
  • Tickets are available at hotels and guesthouses. Almost every hotel and guesthouse has Giant Ibis ticket for purchasing. Passengers should ask the hotel or guesthouse receptionist to assist in their purchasing of Giant Ibis tickets.
  • Tickets is also available for online purchasing. It just takes a few minutes to fill up the booking process and an email would be immediately replied to your inbox confirming on your seat availability and booking code.
  • Passengers must have printed Online Ticket with him/her and present it to Ticket Agent at bus terminal before boarding with Giant Ibis Transport.


Destinations Price Service Charge
Phnom Penh <> Siem Reap $15.00 $1.00
Phnom Penh <> Kampot $8.00 $1.00
Phnom Penh <> Sihanouk Ville $10.00 $1.00
Phnom Penh <> Ho Chi Minh $18.00 $1.00


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Hotline Number

(+855) 23 999 333

6:30AM - 09:00PM


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